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Our Ensembles IN 4, The Family and Creative4 offer different styles of music in different line ups for those that enjoy listening to jazz, gospel, classical and pop music.

Coaching & Workshop

When you want to know more about singing techniques or want to become an even better singer than you already are, feel free to contact us. For solo singers, (school) choirs and vocal ensembles we offer coaching and workshop sessions designed specially for you.


Arrangements for different settings and styles. Arrangements can be written on demand, tailor made to fit the size and strength of your ensemble.

You’re my favourite work of art…

We share our knowledge and passion for music.

Reaching your audience from your home

Reaching your audience from your home

New possibilities Right now performing LIVE is impossible. Musicians are at the brink of desparation. What does the future look like? So right now is the time to find new ways, new possibilities to share our music. Right now, as the digital world is more and more...

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everything is stopped again

And so everything came to a halt, again…   positive effects In the first lockdown, last spring, all professionals in the arts were shocked. It was hard to believe that all would be cancelled and closed....

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A concert to finish three choral workshops

A concert to finish three choral workshops

At November 3rd we hosted a concert, concluding a series of three workshop weekends in Hünfeld (Germany). In the first two workshops we primarily focussed on the personal development of each choir singer and soloist. But in this final weekend the concert and preparing...

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