Tailor-made arrangements for close harmony groups?


New arrangements for various ensembles.

When you are conductiong a choir, singing in one, when you have an ensemble with a very particular line-up, you will recognize the following: An ensemble member or a singer comes to you with a song proposal but you can’t seem to find a choir arrangement for it that will fit your ensemble. Or you work with beginners’close harmony groups and the arrangemtns of that particular song are too complex (for now). Working with that music often decreases motivation because of lack of good sounding results. Or maybe you do find a score of your favourite song but you need it to be transcribed for a different line-up. For those reasons many conductors are part time arrangers fort heir own ensembles.

On the other hand it may be convenient every no wand then to have a perfect arrangement lying on your book shelf. Finding arrangements, fitting to your ensemble but written by others can lower the work load considerably. Beside that, the musical vocabulary of your ensemble will be enlarged because ssthe performance of an arrangement of another arranger often askes for a different way of singing or playing. Good reason to look around on the market to find the right music for your ensembles.

Tailor-made arrangements

Nowadays it has become far more easy to contact your favourite arrangers directly to ask for a special arrangement for your vocal group or close harmony ensemble. At Creative Vocals we are specialized in tailor-made arrangements. You are free to choose the song, and we will thoroughly discuss the specifics in line-up, preferred key, vocal range of the singers, if you have soloists in mind and level of complexity of the arrangement. This is the starting point for an arrangement that will fit your ensemble as a glove. You don’t feel inspired enough to come up with a specific song? Please contact us. We have a lot of ideas to offer!



Where can I find arranged sheet music for vocal ensembles?

There are lots of possibilities to find sheet music. Youtube can be a source of inspiration. But there are several sheet music libraries that have a lot to offer. For all different levels. Genuine local libraries might have some stuff that is often not quite what you’re looking for and from time to time pretty outdated.

But there are many arrangers tob e found on the internet that offer their arrangements. If you happen to know what your singers are capable of and you have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for, this might be helpful. One of the largest and most specific catalogue is by the Hal Leonard Company. But bes ure to check out the internet site of dutch choir music arranger Jetse Bremer or the German hit-arranger for pop choirs Oliver Gies.

But in many cases the arrangements that you find in shops all over the internet might exactly be what you are looking for. It might be too hard or too simple, they don’t offer the song that you are looking for and you never know how many other ensembles sing the same arrangement. There is a big chance you won’t present something unique. And these arrangements never took into concideration what the strengths and weaknesses of your ensemble are so it is often very hard tob e able to sing the arrangements exactly as written. So tailor-made is always better!